As we gear up for the last day of summer we will celebrate by cooking some of our favorite dishes with our friends and family.  Labor Day is a celebration including picnics, barbecues, fireworks and family get togethers. Usually Labor Day is associated with travel before the end of summer.  We associate Labor Day for another reason to cook up some good southern vittles. 

We would like to know what you and your family associate with this holiday.  What will you be cooking this holiday weekend? For Labor Day Sister and I will be grilling Rick’s awesome baby back ribs.  We will also be having Big Bo’s warm potato salad, Wagner’s baked beans, avocado deviled eggs, and beach bread. 

Not only we will be celebrating Labor Day this weekend but we will be getting geared up for opening college football Saturday.  Oh my, that means a different reason for us to cook up some sweet and savory dishes (no pun intended). In tradition, we will be cooking chicken and sausage gumbo, dirty rice, cheese biscuits and beignets for dessert.  We will be cooking Cajun dishes in respect to our LSU Tigers.  GEAUX TIGERS!  This year LSU will have a great defense and as far as Jarrette Lee taking over as quarter back, we think Lee has paid his dues and is deserving of the chance to lead the team.  LSU’s offensive game plan will almost certainly be a little different now without Jefferson’s dual threat potential, but we are confident that Lee will do a great job. 

The Sweet and Savory Sister’s hopes that everyone has a safe and memorable weekend with family and friends. We really want to hear about your plans and what you are cooking this holiday weekend.  If you will not be cooking remember Wagner’s BBQ with 2 convenient locations can do the cooking for you.