Happy Sunday Grocery Lovers!

Today is our Heavenly Spread Day!!

 Sunday is always a wonderful cooking and eating day.  Having restaurants we are working six days a week and we love our Sundays.  We always have a big breakfast and this morning was no exception.  We had pork and turkey bacon, scrambled eggs with whipping cream, I usually use water in my eggs to make them fluffy, but I was feeling a little frisky so I used whipping cream.  We also had grits with whipping cream and lots of butter and cheese.  I had some left over mashed potatoes that I fried with chopped spring onions, bacon and sour cream and buttered toast.  This afternoon we will watch movies or golf.  I am making our Aunt Eleanor’s pound cake that we will have for dessert with our Sunday dinner.  For lunch I had left over angel hair pasta that I added a little olive oil, four-cheese creamy sauce and a tomato sauce with grated parmesan cheese.  I severed with a buttery potato roll.  Our dinner will be a Southern Scrumptious meal shouting “Eat ME”!  For dinner I will be preparing Spicy fried chicken, pork loin with a dill mayo sauce, scrumptious homemade Mac and cheese, mouthwatering fried potato salad and fresh zipper peas and of course bread.  Today will be a full day of cooking and eating, just the way we like it! Hope you have a lovely day!