Hello to all of you lovers of good groceries and fine eating. My savory sister and I welcome you to our blog. We are enormously excited about sharing our passion for cooking, catering and eating.
Over the past several months we have been getting together every Wednesday night and formulating recipes for our cookbook. You read it right, yeah we are writing our first cookbook. This has not been an easy task. We say this because growing up the women in our lives never really gave us a lesson on how to cook, measure ingredients or follow a recipe. We always congregated in the kitchen and watched and listened to what they were saying and preparing. The kitchen was always the place where all the action took place, from the small town gossip to the creations of fabulous meals. We learned by watching and then getting in the kitchen together and practicing what we had observed and somehow we seemed to get it right. This has been a wonderful learning experience and we are having a ball doing it. It has been quite hilarious reminiscing on all of our family memories. We will soon be adding short videos to our blog so you can be a part of our adventure.
Today we are cooking our sweet Aunt Eleanor’s pound cake. Our old family friend, Claire shared the recipe with us. We were unaware that anyone had this recipe. We were very excited to get our hands on it. It is a fabulous pound cake made with heavy whipping cream. We also are cooking our mama’s shrimp and plantation grits and savory Sister’s garlic cheese biscuits (made with Hellman’s mayo). We also are experimenting with a variety of breads and summer toppings. We are combining our Moms stuffed bell peppers with our Daddy’s dirty rice. We will also be serving up some red beans and rice. We have invited some friends to come and give us their opinions on these recipes. We will posts pictures of the food we prepared and shared for our friends.
Sweet and Savory Sisters