Amy- Big Bo’s Bacon Roll Ups would have to be one of our all time favorite finger foods.  Mom has been making these for us forever. This recipe is an old trusty- We’ve made it, we liked it , so what the hell, we are going to make it again. If the Sisters have a party you can  bet your bottom dollar we are going to be serving some of these little bites of goodness wrapped in bacon.  I’m sorry but anything wrapped in bacon has got to be good. Bacon is the duct tape of food. These are a synch to make, very inexpensive and get in my belly good. This recipe is in one of Mrs. Paula’s many cookbooks.

Big Bo’s Bacon Roll Ups 
Get these 3 things-
12 slices white bread
18 thin slices bacon, cut in half
1 can of cream of mushroom

Let’s do this thing-
Do yourself a favor and go on and double this recipe. These bacon treats are that good. While your oven is heating to 275 degrees, cut your bread into thirds. If we are using this recipe for a catering we would go on and take the ends off. If it is for the family and friends we leave them on (if you take the ends off, see note below). It’s your choice do whatever you want. Spread about a teaspoon or so of cream of mushroom soup on each piece of bread.  The Sisters are not a huge fan of cream of mushroom but in some dishes it just works and this is one of those dishes. Wrap ½ a slice of bacon around bread.  Cook bacon roll ups on a broiler pan in a slow oven for approximately 45- 60 minutes or until the bacon is crisp. Warning- if you are like the sisters by the time these roll ups are ready you will be salavating like Pavlov’s dog in anticipation of wrapping your lips around on of these. Trust the Sisters when we tell you-“let them cool”. That cream of mushroom is so hot that it will burn your taste buds right off your darn tongue.

*Take the ends from the bread and toss with butter and cinnamon sugar. Bake in a slow oven until crisp. Enjoy!