Well, only 14 days until The Sister’s hit the highway, a highway to a new Betty Crocker eye-opener. We are on a mission so you might want to stay off the roads and say a few prayers. We are truly about to bust our guts with anticipation to go on this expedition! Just to load up the car with all our crazy gadgets and first-class groceries is going to be a site to see.  All the untamed escapades that we have planned may just go down in history. Once we hit that “Super Slab” let me just tell you that this here voyage is going to be a rip roaring marvelous time.

We are so dedicated to bring back with us a little more knowledge, understanding, experience and awareness of all the unique people we encounter and their various cooking styles. We will go door to door in our quest to find that extraordinary technique that makes us go AHH!

So, with this being said, just stay tuned each and every day for all our photos and observations we find from the road. We promise you that it will be so worth it. Lord, I may not need to put all this “build up” in case it’s a dud! But I seriously doubt it!