And what a good morning it is! As I took the dogs out this morning and felt the cool breeze and looked up at all the stars, I began to feel so blessed. Sometimes I forget all the blessing I have to be thankful for. I came inside and poured that first cup of coffee (Community Coffee) that is, allowing myself a few extra minutes before I wake the troops up and get ready for the wild day ahead. I was thinking how wonderful this blog and writing our cookbook has been for Amy and I. Yesterday we were both so tired and really did not want to work on anything, much less recipes or cooking. But, Amy reminded me that is doesn’t matter how tired we are, we need to get some things done. “Nobody is going to do it for us”, she said. She is right, we worked with our friend Marla and got a few other things accomplished and it was all worth it. Even though we were both dog tired. I know all our hard work is going to pay off in the long run and become something we will be very proud of.

Hope everyone has a beautiful day!

Oh! Thanks to Community Coffee for getting me where I need to be this morning!