Support for Paula

It has been refreshing to see how many people believe in forgiveness and second chances. To all of you forgivers and supporters out there, I know that you believe in Mrs. Paula and will continue to lift her up instead of pulling her down. She stated on the Today Show, ” If God got us to it, then God will get us through it”. That gives me chills because I have made many mistakes in my life and God has always gotten me through it. I know most of you can relate and know exactly what she means. We are all human and have made mistakes and we make our way through it and come out stronger than before. I know Paula and she will get through this. This woman is a survivor.

I did want to share this with the supporters of Paula. Paula has been a part of our lives for 46 years. Our mother met her when she was pregnant with Suzette and Paula was pregnant with Jamie. Paula has graciously done so much for us and others and we are so very thankful to her. My Sister and I have been able to cook with Paula on her show on several different occasions, have a story and our recipes in her magazine, do a cooking demo on the Paula Deen Cruise and be guest bloggers on her website. Each and every time that we have done these things our stats on our blog and Facebook page go nuts. I tell you all of this to tell you that yesterday my sister Suzette wrote, “The Lady Deserves Grace” and the FB page “Support Paula Deen” posted it on their site. We had more traffic to our blog and FB page than we have ever had before. It was on FIRE! My phone was smoking from all of the notifications and alerts. I think that this is so cool! That let’s me know that Paula has so many people out there that love her and support her. We received 170 comments and close to 1500 likes over that one story. Out of those comments 3-5 were negative. The rest were filled with positive thoughts, love and support. That tells me another thing. There are more people out there supporting her than not and that is just fabulous.
I wanted to share one more thing. Yesterday at 3:30 I rode by Uncle Bubba’s on my way to Tybee and the place was packed. Last night, I went to The Lady and Son’s at 6:00 to eat and they were booked for the night and for the next several days. The retail store was packed full of people that were there to show their support. That is way cool! So to all you forgivers and supporters out there, keep doing what you do!