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SASS  Sweet and Savory Sisters  420 East Jackson Street Thomasville, Georgia 31792
Sweet and Savory Sisters
420 West Jackson Street
Thomasville, Georgia 31792

On The Road to Everywhere!!

On The Road to Every Where…

As we travel upon this here open road it is utterly exhilarating. There is a slight chill in the air and dreary clouds that could convey the impression of a blue funk, but quite the contrary. To us it is extremely charming. Looking out over this admirable land and seeing all the artistry in all the farm land just makes you truly appreciate the beauty of the South.

With our windows slightly lowered and the cool breeze flowing in, listening to smooth sounds on the radio, can I tell you it doesn’t get much better than this?

We are enjoying our refreshments “Groceries” singing our songs, flapping our tongues and burning up the road to our next destination.

We have traveled this stretch of road for all of our lives going to Florida; but we have never actually took the time to observe all the quaint Mom & Pop places to stop and see! We took advantage of this opportunity to “stop and smell the roses”. We took pictures that normally just would pass us by. We met different people, stopped at a local fruit stand and bought some good ole boiled peanuts. We were just enjoying being in the moment.

We have escaped a part of our life that is “have to’s”. Today, as well as the rest of our Journey we will receive our license to do as we please.

Our next stop will be Pensacola, Florida where we will spend the evening chatting with my husband’s Grandmother Thelma and her friend Martha. Please stay tuned to hear all the great fun we have visiting with them!

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