The sisters were asked from someone who follows our blog, saying “what do the Sweet and Savory Sisters think of the whole Paula Deen thing?” This wasn’t the first question like that…so, here goes:
Some of our readers know that we have a relationship with Paula Deen, but with questions like that, and with all the current media feeding frenzy, we felt we needed to say something clearly: we love her dearly, she has been like a second mother to us and feel that her apology to…well, everyone, has been heartfelt, that she should be shown grace, and if we could wave a wand, we’d make the media circus go away; it is simply amazing how quickly many in the media and on-line community will turn on a person. She is not perfect, of course, nor are any of us…the Bible says “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” We do, you do, and Paula does. We don’t condone the use of racial slurs by anyone, be it 30 years ago, yesterday, or tomorrow. But we can say this:
– we love Paula and her children…we knew her years ago, when we were children, knew her as young adults, and have had the privilege of knowing her more closely in the last couple of years. She’s real, she’s loving, she’s generous, and we’ve never seen or heard a racial slur associated with her.
– we’d beg fans of all races to hear her heart and trust her apology and allow her to move on and continue to be the extraordinarily positive influence she has been for fans of all races, creeds, and colors, for years now. She is indeed the fantastic cook, the wonderful “rags to riches” story, and one of the hardest working and most giving people you’ll ever meet…to everyone. One thing you don’t hear the media sharing is all the good she has done for not only the sisters but for people everywhere.
– we’re friends, family AND fans of Paula and her family, and hope that this episode will draw them all closer together, and that she’ll come out stronger and even more positive of an influence in the cooking community than she has been these last few years….and that’s saying something!

The Sweet and Savory Sisters
Amy and Suzette