Through the eyes of a Sister…
Our cups have runneth over. When you learn to live each moment to the fullest and be grateful for what it brings, asking for no more, that’s really what it feels like to be a Sweet and Savory Sister. Happiness has come to us with the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply and to think freely, to take risk and to be content with who we are and never put on airs, live carefree and to follow our dreams! Sometimes you have to be still and reflect just how fortunate you really are. When life brings you down like it does from time to time, you really have to sit still and reflect on how grand life really is.
The road that my sister and I decided to travel a few moons ago has been nothing short of the most exhilarating roller coaster ride that you could ever imagine. It’s an honor to have my best friend and sister standing side by side running as fast as we can through this beautiful journey. It’s drinking a 12 pack of diet coke until the wee hours of the morning, working so hard your eyelashes hurt and having a caffeine hangover the next morning.
Being a Sweet and Savory Sister goes way beyond filling our bellies with anything from the four food group pyramid. We are a unique pair, if I do say so myself. How many people do you know that could say they were able to fulfill their dreams along side their best friend, not to mention their sister?
It has been the simple things in our life that has brought us so much joy. It’s the times we have rolled that window and sunroof down, blared sweet tunes through the radio, sang our hearts out and drove like there was no tomorrow. The times we stood in a kitchen cooking our fingers to the bone and losing our minds on how we were going to pull off a successful catering. The extreme hard work of formulating recipes, re-formulating recipes, writing a cookbook, re-writing a cookbook, making crazy dashboard concerts, traveling many miles to meet all different walks of life, traveling roads just to fulfill a dream are what we enjoy doing. That’s what we are doing, even if it takes a lifetime we will accomplish this dream if it kills us in the process. Isn’t that what dreams are? There is no greater joy comparable to the joy of discovering something new with my sister. We have worked harder than any two people I know and I am proud to say that. We do all this hard work because we love it, we love all the drama, excitement, adrenaline rush, catastrophes and the pure fulfillment it brings to us. We do this for our husbands Rick and Andy, our children Caleb and Alli, our mother, our father and step mother, our beautiful family and friends. We love that we have created nothing into something and that something is our DREAM.
We know that around the corner there will be a new road a new path or a secret gate and we are anxiously waiting to open that door to new beginnings. Everything we learn and receive we will will pass it on with grace. We are, “The Sweet and Savory Sisters”!

Suzette Wagner