I am extremely thankful for my friends and family. I was reminded yesterday how significant old friends are. With all the demands life seems to bring us, sometimes we seem to forget those special bonds you have with childhood friends. There is nothing like it! I feel like there is no substitute! The bond that each one of us has is priceless! There have been many miles that separated us for many years but the ties we all share have kept us so close. We have shared marriages, divorces, births, deaths, college degrees, sadness and so much laughter and have remained true to each other. I am so fortunate to have some of the smartest women surrounding me in my life; there is not one of us that are a dumbass! We are all so talented in different ways. We are creative, motivated, intelligent, strong, determined women! We remain strong in our beliefs and remain respectful to each other even if we have different viewpoints. We just seem to all fit like a puzzle.

We are housewives, mothers, successful businesswomen and world travelers and we all are the best at what we do. We all are accomplished women and who would have ever thought it! Growing up in Leesburg, Georgia and being educated in a small hick town would have turned out some of the finest women that God ever created.

Each one of my friends has given me a beautiful journey through their eyes. I just want to tell each and every one of you how grateful I am to have you in my life and thank you for giving me the time of my life. Although I have never flown on an airplane I have traveled all over the world with my friends. Through them I was able to see some of the wonders of this world. I have traveled the world through the eyes of my brilliant minded friend Kim. I was able to see foreign lands through all her escapades in the Peace Corp. With Claire my other brilliant minded friend, I was able to travel to Germany and see all the beautiful countries that she visited when she and her family moved there. Through my other girlfriend we made many travels together and it has been unbelievable. All our beach trips, concerts, country cooling, driving back roads and some I want mention! We have had such a tremendous ride!

We are all truly blessed; thank you for always being my friend! My life has been so complete having each and every one of you to share it with!
Happy Thanksgiving my beautiful friends!