This weekend we had the privilege to travel to Jasper, Georgia to the Salvation Army camp. What a beautiful weekend for the sisters! Our very good friend Stormnhad asked us to come and do a cooking demonstration for all the women that were attending the retreat for the weekend. We of course were honored and said yes! />

We left Friday afternoon and began an extremely comical voyage. Words can’t describe the enjoyment the sisters have on the road. We always hit the super slab with complete gusto! It’s like we leave our age at home and reflect on being a teenager again. It is first-class therapy for the soul. We laugh and cut the fool just like we did when we were teen-agers. The time goes by so fast when you get older and it is just brings comfort to know we still can be so silly again. Our road trip was, to say the least, an “untamed adventure”.


On Saturday we were to go on stage and demonstrate how to make a wonderful BLT potato salad and strawberry trifle. We had everything set up and all our ingredients ready to show all these magnificent ladies how it’s done. With butterflies doing somersaults in our bellies we came on stage and did our thing. We asked them to play the song “Don’t Stop Believing” as we entered the stage to get the ladies hyped up a little. Really and truly it was to get us hyped up to do our thing. Don’t stop believing is our theme song. It’s something that we continue to do each and every day of our lives. We keep pushing and believing so that one day we may accomplish our dream.

This is from a previous road trip that the sisters took.

We had such a great time with all of these ladies. What a delight it was to entertain all these ladies. We just want to thank them for the astonishing response that they gave us. We were overwhelmed with excitement! Our Cup Runneth Over! Beyond a doubt these ladies, God and prayers gave us the confidence to get up on that stage and share what we love to do! Cook, eat and perform! It was just a magical weekend all together.

The ride home took us 10 hours when it should have only taken 4! But we took the time out to see the sights and ride through the town of Jasper. Can we just say it was breath taking? The beautiful picturesque scenery was just awe-inspiring. We had the windows down and the music playing as we traveled through the mountains, and it was like we didn’t have a care in the world! Life was complete! We had shared the afternoon with beautiful women and doing what we love, it just couldn’t get any better than that! God is GOOD!