While on our extraordinary journey through Louisiana; one of our beloved stops was visiting with all the guys from T-Jim’s Grocery and Market. When visiting our family in Marksville, LA; T-Jim’s market was a must stop every year to stock up on our Cajun groceries  All I can say is how delightful these folks are. We had such a superlative time getting to know all these beautiful people. They were just plain and simply the “Cats Pajamas”. They were so welcoming and fed us some of the best groceries we have ever flopped a lip over. We ate everything from Pain D’Toilettes (Pork Patties) to Bunny Bread sopped in cane syrup.  James (T-Jim) Moreau established the business in 1964. He and his son Jacques work their fingers to the bone. They are non-stop making the finest boudin, cracklins, fresh sausage, hogshead cheese, stuffed gogs to name a few.    

We really can’t say enough about our visit with them. We can’t wait until our video’s get edited and you get to experience all the fun we did. It was absolutely amazing!!

Amy and I bought so many great groceries from T-Jim’s, but one item in particular was just so “Get in My Belly Good”. That was the; Pain D’Toilettes (Pork Patties) which is seasoned fresh bulk sausage patties wrapped in fresh pork webbings. I am here to tell you it makes the finest gravy ever. I cooked mine this morning and severed them over our fabulous grits. It was just such a first-class breakfast. I cooked fried eggs with of course Louisiana Hot Sauce and little spring biscuits with butter and homemade cane syrup that we also purchased from T-Jim’s. It was a breakfast fit for a Cajun Princess!