Last year my mom was going to visit Paula and we asked our mom to talk to Paula and see if we could be on her show. When my mom came home she said that Paula would love for us to be on her show and someone from the show would be in touch with us. Several months later we received a call from her production company asking us to be guests on “Best Dishes”. We were so excited to get this call. They gave us some assignments and we got busy gathering photos of when we were children, writing old stories of growing up with The Deens and formulating some recipes. We went to Savannah and filmed our first show and had such an awesome time. Before we left they asked us if we would be interested in filming another show. We were so thrilled that they wanted us to come back and we gladly accepted their invitation. This show helped us in so many ways. We have always wanted to write our own cookbook but really didn’t know where to start. We started talking and planning the minute we left Savannah. Being on the show with Paula and the boys inspired us to start writing our own cookbook. It gave us that little push that we so desperately needed. We have always loved to cook and share our food with our family and friends. So why shouldn’t we share our cooking with other people? So we started meeting every Wednesday night to formulate recipes. I can’t explain to you how this little weekly meeting has helped us in so many ways. We have had the best time together cooking, eating, laughing and reminiscing. All of our recipes have not been a success but we have learned from those failures.

We then decided to start a blog and a Facebook page so that we could share our recipes, stories and pictures with our friends. We were so scared at first. I’ll never forget the first time we posted our first story. We sat there and just looked at the publish button. We were like little girls again. We were so scared to push the button. We finally mustered up the courage and pushed the publish button. Each day we would go to the page and check and see if we had new followers or if someone had commented on something we had shared. We would call each other and get so excited that we had a new follower. We then started our Facebook page. We have met the nicest people through our blog and Facebook page. There are several people/pages that we have met on Facebook that have helped us so much and we would like to thank them. These people/pages are always sharing our stories and recipes, recommending our page to their friends and helping us with our trip we are planning. So thank you to Florida Slap ya Mama, Slap ya Mama, Louisiana Hot Sauce and Jett2whitt. We have enjoyed getting to know you on Facebook and hope to meet you in person one day.