The Sweet and Savory Sisters had an unbelievably good time filming our third show with Mrs. Paula. Paula is our one of our mothers best friends. We grew up with Paula and the boys. They have been like our family for 45 years. It has been such an honor to watch them come from rags to riches. We will never forget when we saw her on The Shopping Network for the first time. It was such a great feeling. She has come a long way. We are so proud of Paula and the boys. It is truly a fairy tale story.
The Trip
We drove over to Savannah on Thursday afternoon. We had to work before we left. We had to cater a party before we got on the road. We were dog tired when we finally made it to Savannah. Friday morning we had to be up at 5:00 and be showered and ready to have our hair and makeup done at 7. Paula has the best crew that works for her and they make everything so much fun. Courtney does a fabulous job on both of our makeup and Jamie, her hair stylist, made our hair look wonderful. Dempy, Paula’s stylist, made sure that we had the most flattering outfits on.

After hair and makeup we had to be onset for interviews. We had a blast doing that. We got to share some of our old memories with The Deen family. We also got to talk about our cookbook we are writing, the restaurants, our Cajun family in Louisiana and our blog. We laughed a lot. Shortly after we completed the interviews we started filming. The Butter Queen did not know we were there and she was shocked to see us in her kitchen cooking. It was so much fun surprising her.
Each time we film a show we have more fun than the last time. This show was a hoot to film. We cooked some amazingly great dishes and got to rummage through all of Paula’s beautiful clothes and jewelry. We also got to pack up a lot of her clothes and bring them home with us. BONUS! We filmed all day and had a great time doing it. We loved working with her producers, kitchen crew and the film crew. Paula makes everything so easy and fun to do. She is an amazing women. That women works so hard and is such an inspiration to us. She works her fingers to the bone and NEVER complains. We laughed, cried and ate some amazingly good groceries. It was get in my belly good. Its hard to explain the way we felt. We were so hyper from all of the excitement, sugar and caffeine. We had the time of our lives. We are so grateful to be able to experience this. To put the icing on the cake our beautiful mother showed up onset and shared the tasty meal that we had prepared. After we completed the show we got to meet Taylor Hicks from American Idol. That was so cool. The show will air next Christmas and we can’t wait to see it. Our second show will air sometime in the spring. We will let all of you know when we find out.
Thanks to all of our blog followers and Facebook friends. We appreciate you following us and telling your friends about us. We have to go now and start cooking some Sweet and Savory dishes.