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Roasted Garlic Tip

Last night I roasted a bunch of garlic for a bouilliabaisse. When I got done I squeezed all of the garlic out and had the skins left over. I thought, I hate to throw these away because there is still a lot of goodness left in here. I threw the skins into my shrimp stock that I was making. It gave it a wonderful flavor. So next time you roast garlic throw the skins and some salt into a small pot. Add some water and simmer for about 20 minutes on low and strain. You’ll have a delicious broth.


A Smart Cookie

Tips for turning a ball of dough into fun cookie shapes.

Chill cookie dough to make it easier to roll, cut and transfer to baking sheets.

Roll with care. Gently flatten the cookie dough in a disk with your palms.

Dip cookie cutters in flour and use a thin-floured spatula to transfer cutouts to a cookie sheet.

Pop cookie sheet in the fridge for a few minutes so cutouts won’t lose their shape during baking

No Tube Pan

If you don’t own a tube pan and you are making a cake that calls for one, use this simple tip.  Set an empty, clean metal food can inside of a deep cake pan. Fill it with dried beans so it will not move around.  Then grease the sides of the pan and the can and pour in the cake batter around the can.


When preparing casseroles, make additional batches to freeze. Then, when there isn’t time to plan a meal or unexpected guests appear, simply take the casserole from the freezer and pop it in the oven. Dinner is served!

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