This journey is actually a gift from God. We had wanted to take this trip for a long time. But so many times it was not feasible or something prevented us from not being able to go. Amy and I were talking about this venture and how we wished we could go and visit our grandmother and all our kin folk, how it would be such a blessing in our lives to get to spend time with all of them. Well, what do you know; Amy received a phone call the next day from her boss about a training seminar in Mobile, Al. Amy jumped at the chance to go, seeing how Mobile is just a hop, skip and a jump from Louisiana. So at that moment we began planning our venture.

This journey is going to be a way to pass on our Cajun heritage. We are extremely proud of our heritage and all that is involved in being Cajun. The plain, simple frugal life of our people, their devotion to principle, their unbounded faith in the goodness of God, their love for each other during all their misfortunes and perilous wanderings, appeal to the heart. Our people are bound so tight that nothing will separate the union of family.  Experiencing the Cajun culture is like no other. They are thrifty, hard-working, fun-loving, devout religious folk. They work and play with equal enthusiasm. The bayou life is full of dancing, food, and just a “Joy of Living”. We are so eager to experiment with different herbs, spices and ingredients to help create some of the most flavorful dishes in the World!

“Work like hell to make your money, then spend it all having a good time!”
— from Les Blank’s film “Spend It All”, Flower Films

We cannot wait to give y’all a taste of this magnificent living and what it is really like to be Cajun!