We love the spiciness from the jalapenos and the sweetness from the mango salsa. They work very well together. If you like it hot a hell, then leave the seeds and veins with the jalapenos. If you are a wimp, and don’t like it so hot, then go on ahead and remove the veins and seeds.

Spicy Chicken Thighs with Mango Salsa

2½ – 3 pounds chicken thighs, skinned and deboned
3 jalapeño peppers (remove veins and seeds for a milder flavor)
4 cloves garlic, minced
3 spring onions, chopped (green and white)
¼ cup reduced sodium soy sauce
½ cup vegetable oil
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
2 tablespoons cilantro, chopped
Salt and pepper, to taste

Pulse peppers, garlic, and spring onions in a food processor. Slowly drizzle soy sauce, oil and lime juice. Add cilantro. Poor marinade over chicken thighs and marinate for 1-3 hours. Remove chicken from marinade and discard marinade. Place chicken on a lined baking sheet and season with salt and pepper to taste. Bake chicken in a preheated 375 degree oven for 30-45 minutes or until chicken is done. Chicken is also great on the grill.

Mango Salsa


1 ripe mango, peeled, pitted and diced
½ red onion, chopped finely
1 teaspoon of Jalapeño, minced (remove ribs and seeds for a milder taste)
¾ cup cucumber, peeled and diced
2 ½ tablespoon fresh cilantro leaves, chopped
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
Salt and pepper to taste

Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and season with salt and pepper to taste and serve on top or on the side of chicken thighs.