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Good Morning Grocery Lovers!

The Sister’s are truly blessed! With all the complications that surround us in our daily lives, we just have to say there is a light at the end of a tunnel. Sometimes you can’t see the light and it doesn’t seem like it will ever appear, but by the grace of God we have seen a small twinkle.









We were fortunate enough to be able to go and film our fourth show with Paula Deen this week and it was nothing short of a roller coaster ride. We had an absolute ball cooking with her. It is an absolute honor to work with Paula and her team. They are just the “best of the best” at what they do. Paula’s “Dream Team” is without doubt miracle workers! They make you feel so beautiful inside and out. There is Courtney that turns your face into a masterpiece of the Gods, because when you sit in that chair, let’s just say it ain’t pretty! When her magic is done; you do not recognize yourself when you leave. She makes the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Jamie, Paula’s hairdresser is just the “Sho Nuff”! He works wonders on making your hair look magnificent! And there is Dimpy that picks out your wardrobe, which is a blessing! She knows what looks good on a “big” girl and after she picks out your clothes you feel like a “skinny bitch”! All the people who work for Follow Productions, everyone from the cameramen to the producers is just amazing! Everyone is so pleasant and accommodating; they all are true professionals at what they do! It is truly such an honor to work with so many fine people. They just make you feel right at home.

Our next show will air on December 1st and we are so excited to see the outcome so please stay tuned to the Food Network, Paula’s Best Dishes!

Cooking with Paula Deen! Tune In!

Ok all you grocery lovers, it is that time again for you to tune in and watch the sisters on Paula’s Best Dishes! This Saturday we will be on the Food Network cooking up some fine groceries with Paula! Hope that you enjoy the show as much as we enjoyed doing it!

Paula’s at it again y’all! Paula Deen and her good friends Amy Martin and Suzette Wagner are in the kitchen today cooking up some southern Staples. First up, a true Southern specialty, Cajun Crawfish Bread. Then, it’s onto a sizzling Skillet Chicken with Rhubarb and Onions that is out of this world good. And what better way to finish off a meal than an over-the-top Volcano Cake with Chocolate Pecan Icing? Now, that’s good Southern eatin’ y’all!

Tune In:
  • May 12, 2012

    10:00 AM ET/PT

  • May 14, 2012

    5:00 PM ET/PT

  • May 21, 2012

    12:00 PM ET/PT

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