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Amy: I love me some crudités, cause that means there is a variety of goodness on a platter. Sister and I worship us some variety on a platter! In case you didn’t know it, cause we didn’t until we looked it up, a crudités is a traditional French appetizer consisting of raw vegetables served with an oil base dip, but you can use whatever dip you want. So now that you got a vocabulary lesson go ahead and explore all the endless possibilities with creating a masterpiece.

The Sister’s Crudités

The presentation- It is all about the presentation, repeat, “It’s all about presentation”! Normally people frown upon seeing a raw vegetable tray sitting among so many other varieties of goodness, but if you do it right and give it some personality they will be skipping over to your stunning success. There can be so much done with a crudités. The choices are limitless. It is very important to have your vegetables on a nice-looking tray. We used an old windowpane to present ours on for a wedding and it looked fabulous. We like to add our sauces and dips in hallowed out vegetables, such as a purple cabbage. Remove the outer leaves and scoop out the core. You can use the outer leaves from the cabbage to decorate your platter. Bell peppers are also great to use for your dips. Add flowers or fresh herbs as garnish. We like to add a selection of cheese and crumble semi-soft cheese over the vegetables.

Our favorite items to put on our crudités are- marinated artichoke hearts, marinated asparagus, broccoli, green beans, snow peas, sugar snap peas, grape tomatoes, zucchini, red peppers, celery and olives.
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