Extra please! We think we need to clarify this. For all of our lives we have been taught to always ask for extra drawn butter because the 1 ounce cup aint gonna cut it. This recipe is a must when serving all types of seafood and fish for dipping purposes. Mama even showed us how to pour it on our baked potato because it was considered a sin if we wasted any.

Clarified Butter

You only need one thing-
Unsalted butter

Let’s make it-

Get you a small sauce pan out and put your butter in. Melt butter over low heat. Do not stir butter and don’t let the butter boil. You want the milk solids to separate from the butter. You are looking for the butter to separate into 3 layers. On top- foamy milk, clarified butter in the middle and milk solids on the bottom. Next you want to skim the foamy milk off of the top. Ladle the clarified butter but do not touch the milk solids at the bottom. Can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.