The dinner table is the centerpiece of a family story; it’s here – around our food – which we pour out our hearts. We retell stories of old (with embellishment) and offer new stories from today. We get to know each other. We interrupt each other. We fight over and forgive differences. We laugh. This is where the value of a good story well told and good food is overeaten. We live for it! It is at our dinner tables where hearts and mouths are always open.

It is such a treat for all of us to be together and share a meal with each other. It seems that we are all so busy with our fast paced lives; with children and jobs we forget what an extraordinary occasion sharing a meal at the dinner table can be.

So take the time to share a meal with your family at The Dinner Table. It will amaze you of the memories that you will create. Not only for yourself but also for generations to come!